Mississippi Perkins V Workshop

Comprehensive Workshop on Perkins V

November 8, 2018

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Hinds Community College

Clyde Muse Center

515 Country Place Parkway

Pearl, MS

Are you ready for the implementation of the new Perkins CTE bill?  The House and Senate have already agreed to 95% of the changes, and we expect the final bill to be signed into law in October.

Local Transition Plans will need to be submitted to the State in the spring for a July 1, 2019 effective date.  Perkins V significantly changes the content of the local application, as well as the required and permissible uses of funds.  The accountability indicators will need to be more closely aligned with ESSA and WIOA.  This 2018 Reauthorization carries the most dramatic changes to the federal CTE law since the advent of Perkis I in 1984.  This flexibility in allowable costs will be limited from current law.

Mike Mulvihill and Michael Brustein will jointly present a Perkins V Workshop at the Clyde Muse Center on November 8th from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.  Each attendee will receive a copy of the new law, and we will highlight all the changes from current law, and we will highlight all the changes from current law, as well as a discussion of how the EDGAR regulations and Uniform Grant Guidance will govern the expenditure of funds under Perkins V.

You do not want to miss this professional development opportunity.  Click HERE to register.

The cost to attend this workshop is $250.

Mike Mulvihill is formerly with the Mississippi Department of Education.

Michael Brustein is one of the nation’s leading authorities on federal grants management and the federal CTE law.  He was formerly the federal attorney for the CTE program.